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The Librarian's Alphabet
This site has definitions that only a librarian would understand.
The related Library Humor site has amusements that others might not fully understand, either.
We often feel isolated in our buildings, so it's nice to remember that there are others of us out there.

Springfield Township High School Virtual Library
This website, home page for Joyce Kasman Valenza's School Library, has a wealth of information for librarians. This secondary level page is great as a model for library pages at any level and has information valuable to any library professional. It is a wonderful resource for teaching research skills. Her personal website, contains additional information for librarians. I find it a great tool for getting energized for the new school year.

Historical Calendar Links'

Learn about some interesting births, deaths, and momentous events which occurred today. Find out what happened on your birthday! Do you share it with someone famous? 'Historical Calendar Links' lets you investigate history, movies, and other areas of interest for each day of the year.

PBS's Summer Vacation page in it's Wayback history for kids site is great for those who are planning a journey or staying home. It has lots of interesting information and a nice map for tracking the landmarks on it's Road Trip.

Animals Should Definitely Not Borrow Library Books, a fun parody which entertains students as they learn to care for books


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